You Vs Life, the herd and mediocrity

Ive learnt many things during my stay on this planet thus far.

Ive learnt that life isn’t fair.

Ive learnt that most people dont give a shit about you they just pretend to.

Ive learnt that to get what you want in this life you must stand up and take it, because boy no one is gonna give you anything.

The biggest thing i’ve learnt is that people like you more when your average.

When you begin to rise up, people get upset.

If you wanna stay on the ground and eat shit, by all means feel free to continue. But maybe, just maybe you want to make something of yourself, maybe your also sick and tired of the bullshit.

So stand up, raise your fists and get ready for a fight.

Life will kick the shit out of you if you let it

Life can be bloody hard somedays.

Somedays feel like an uphill battle, no matter what you do there is always something ready to stomp you back down.

These are just the trials that life will give every now again, to test your mettle and remind you how strong you really.  These tests are there to provide you with the strength you need to survive and thrive in this world.

Life will only give you as much as you can handle, nothing more and nothing less.

If you can learn something from each day, whether it be good or bad, smile that means you won that round



You got a little stronger.

A little wiser.

you gained EXP.

Soon you’ll Level up.

Eventually you’ll look back and wonder how you ever struggled.

Most of all you will learn that life can’t beat you. You can take anything life dishes out and come back asking for seconds.


Nothing in this world cannot be beaten when persistence is coupled with faith.


Safety in numbers

It’s hard to leave the safety of the herd, as soon as you set out on a different path, people will begin to look at you differently.

They will mock you, they will say it cannot be done, they will hate you for being different. They may not show it up front, but you will be able to tell each and every time they try and pull you back to them, to dissuade you from from following your dreams.



Every Time they try and change your mind and how angry they may become when you aren’t swayed by their opinions.

Forget these people, they don’t understand you.

Life will not give you anything unless your willing to fight for it and neither will I.

I will not help anybody who isn’t willing to fight tooth and nail to get what they want and to reach their potential.

I’m not going to lie, what you are trying to accomplish  may be the single hardest thing you may ever do, especially if you are leaving the comfort of the herd for the first time.

There will be hard times, times where you doubt you can succeed, times where your not sure how it will all turn out.

Somedays you won’t sleep or eat and it may feel like everything’s falling apart, fear not these are just the barriers that held you captive breaking apart,  you didn’t even know they were there until now.


Hey you can always give up and return to mediocrity when it becomes too hard.

Where it’s warm and safe, where you can do whatever you want and eat anything you desire.

Don’t worry you won’t be judged, they’ll celebrate your return and welcome you back with open arms.

They’ll be happy you failed.


This is the struggle

Struggle will make you a force to be reckoned with, this struggle will make you strong but at the same time if you let up for even a moment it will crush you.

Don’t let up and never surrender, you will either succeed or die trying.

For you there is no alternative, there is no quitting.


“I’ve been asked why i always take the hard path and i reply, what makes you think i see any other” – unknown 


Until more people understand the single minded determination that comes with choosing your own fate, they will not be able to break their shackles that bind them.

That’s why most people can’t seem to grasp how someone can go from average to exceptional, most people think

Hmm… maybe they’re onto something.

Maybe greatness is an inborn power that only few can unlock.

Not everyone can be great, we will always  need worker bees to keep the everything running smoothly.

I’ll still need someone to collect my trash after all.



So choose your fate.

You can opt out of life and stay with the herd.

You’ll never feel left out or out of place. So keep watching tv and eating bad food.

It’s your life at the end of the day, if this makes you feel “content” and “happy” by all means keep going.

But here’s the downside

One day, all of a sudden you will realise how much time you have wasted.

You will feel sick to your stomach, like you have made a terrible mistake.

you will forever ask yourself what if?

What if kept at it?

What if i succeeded?

What have i accomplished in the time i was given on this earth?

Haunting isn’t it, the regret of what could have been?


Break away and earn your place among the strong.

To stand up and be counted

You’ll lose friends and family along the way, some may even secretly hate you for it.

If thats what it takes, so be it.

There is a reason they say it’s lonely at the top and for good reason.



Push your limits, see what your truly capable of.

Would you like to look back at a life well lived or one full of regret and missed opportunity?


You never know how far you can go until you try.

I’d rather fail a million times and die trying then live a “normal” life.


Make your choice folks, i have.







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