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Dieting, calories, setting goals and lots more. With basic nutrition and fitness not being taught in most schools, the simple act of trying to lose weight can seem daunting to most people.

But never fear, Bebop is here!


It’s common knowledge that when most people set a goal, 9 times out of 10 they won’t stick with it.


It’s funny at the start of each year i see a surge of new gym goers.

All eager to lose weight and stand by their resolutions, hoping that this time they will make a change.


At the start they’re motivated and working their assess off, its great to see so many people trying to change for the better.


But out of all the new faces only one or two might still be going after the first month.

The rest of the losers gave up just as quickly as they started. Their inspiration waned and they went back to eating shit and sitting on their ass.


The reason?


They give up as soon as things get difficult.

The problem is most people expect fast results, today people expect instant gratification and if they they move on to something that will.

The way to Victory

You need more than motivation to make progress in the gym.

You need disciple, you need a never back down, no bullshit attitude.

You need the foresight and vision to see years into the future.

You need to envision your success, you need to see what you will look like in months or even years time.

Going to the gym must become a daily habit.



One of the biggest things that breaks new gym goers is that they take on too much too soon and they burn themselves out.

Consistently and persistence trump everything.

At the start just do what you can, anybody should be able to go every second day for 45 minutes to an hour.

It really doesn’t take much to start a change.


Once your in there get in, bust your ass and get out.

You need to leave it all in the gym.

If you finish up and you still think you could of done more then boy you didn’t try hard enough.

At the end of each session I’m covered in sweat, I’m exhausted and there is a grin on my face that won’t go away.

You will feel amazing after every workout as long as you gave it your all.

wisdom from the gods

Ain’t no rest for the wicked!

That being said not every workout has to be balls to the wall, they don’t all have to be lifting heavy every workout.

That doesn’t mean you get to be lazy either.

If you have a light day, limit your rests between sets and do more reps then usual.

There is always work to be done.

Just remember that even if you go to the gym religiously that doesn’t give you a free ticket to eat all the bad food you please.


There is a dumb myth that if you workout you can get away with a poor diet.

I don’t know where that came from but it’s utter bullshit

If you plan to lose weight it’s 90% diet 10% exercise.

To put it simply if you eat more then you burn you will put on weight and the opposite is also true.

You need to eat less to lose weight simple.

Excuses Excuses

People will come up with all sorts of excuses on why they aren’t losing weight. They blame their genetics, they blame metabolism but really its all because of eating too much and poor diet.

The truth is unless your fairly active your on your feet for many hours each day and work a physical job you are probably eating too much and don’t even realise it.

To give you an idea if you sit on your ass all day and don’t move your going to be burning very little calories. Pretty much the same amount as if you were bedridden.


Pro tip: Shift to a standing desk if you are stuck in a job that requires a lot of sitting.


The average joe that works an average job requires about 2000 calories to maintain their weight.

That’s not including any strenuous physical work or exercise.


So if you eat three square meals a day and also snack even if it’s all somewhat healthy, there is a good chance you are eating too much.

For example the average lifter who works a physical job and goes to the gym 5 times a week with cardio can consume as much as 3000 calories and still be losing a pound a week.

Where the average person would need to cut down to 1500 calories if they just sit around all day and eat.


These numbers of course will vary alot depending many factors including weight, height age, gender and even the kind of body you have.


The fasting method

If your looking to lose weight you can do one of two things, you can fast throughout the day and then eat a healthy meal at the end of the day.

With this method it is very hard to over eat as long as the meal isn’t shitty boxed food of take away.

Using this strategy when I first was looking to lose weight made everything extremely easy.


You may get hungry throughout the day so you can start with just skipping brekkie and then work your way up to skipping lunch.

The reason you should skip breakfast is because most cereals have high amounts of sugar as well as bogging you down and sapping your energy.


It’s much easier to focus on an empty stomach.

Just have black coffee or tea and then just wait until lunch before you eat.


Pro tip: Don’t have a heavy lunch because that is what will cause the 3 o’clock slump that most people complain about.

Counting calories method

The second method and much more concrete way to lose weight is to count calories and learn about how carbs, sugar, fat and protein influence your body.

A good rule to follow is stick to a high carb low fat medium protein diet or a medium fat medium protein and low card diet.



The reason s for this is because when both carbs and fats are consumed in large amounts the body will put on weight.

That’s why all fast food and meals that come pre packaged are terrible for you. That’s why the people who consume too much shit food become fat.


Its also incredibly easy to eat too much fast food as it’s hardly filling and super high in calories.

For example a large McDonald’s meal will have around 1200 to 1500 calories in it. So if the average person lives on fast food or eats other meals along with the fast food you can see why  so many westerns have weight problems.


If you are a big person you need to severely limit your card intake, as carbs have a funny effect on bigger people which will make it very hard to lose weight even when reducing calorie intake.

As for sugar try very hard to eliminate it entirely, because sugar will cause and insulin spike and pretty much stop the fat burning process.


To lose a pound of fat a week you need to create a deficit of 3500 calories, so if you can eat 500 calories under maintenance you should lose about 1 kg a fortnight or 2 pounds.

You can actually eat anything to lose weight but the key is to stay under a deficit.

You could eat all candy and crap and still lose weight. Would you want to do this though?


Aw hell nah.

You’ll be ridiculously hungry and at the same time you’ll also be starving your body of the all important vitamins and nutrients found in good clean food.


The first step is always the hardest

So if it’s that simple why can’t most people stick to diets?

Well it’s hard for a start, you will get hungry, you may struggle to sleep and you will get passed off for no reason other then tour hungry.

Losing weight takes a long time if your obese then expect years of hard work and dedication to each your goals.


Even when you lose the weight that’s when things get even harder.

Losing weight is easy maintaining your body over time is hard.

Because it’s all to easy to slip into old habits of your not vigilant.

It only takes a couple of slip ups and before you know it you’ve put the weight back on.

That’s why all fad diets and weight loss companies fail miserably. These companies promise an easy way to lose weight in truth they are completely screwing over everyone.



There is no easy road, anyone who think so is a fool.

So do yourself a favour and  learn about nutrition, learn about calories and learn about how the food you eat effects your body.


Summing it all up


  • It takes a long time to achieve a great physique.


  • Count calories or fast and eat at the end of the day.


  • Avoid carbs if you big and want to lose wait.


  • Only do what you can maintain, don’t burn your self out early and resent the gym.


  • Learn about nutrition.


  • Create a deficit of of calories but don’t go over a deficit of 1000.


  • Eat clean to see results.


  • Ignore fad diets and companies like jenny Craig and weight watchers.


  • You can eat anything to lose weight as long as you stay on a calorie deficit.


That’s it folks.


It’s all laid out in front of you plain as day, now it’s up to you.


No excuses now lads.


Now get out there and kick some ass.

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