The time is now, there is no tomorrow

The past is dead and the future is yet to happen so focus on what you can do today, stop thinking about it and do it.

Yesterday you had your problems and regrets. You made mistakes and they still haunt you to this day.regret--source

Well my friend today’s the day time to throw away all your shame and regret, Stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop beating yourself up. Forget about your failures and start looking towards the future.

There are things I regret and things i wish i could go back and change. Missed opportunity, grave mistakes and great failures but we both know that’s not possible so all we can do is make the best of today.

Don’t get stuck in the past my friend.


It’s time to make a change.

From now on you will walk the path of strength. You will no longer feel regret because you will make the most of each day and go to bed a better person then when you woke.

You will learn, adapt and evolve with every situation you face you will find a solution.

You can never fail, you either win or you learn.
Failure will become an alien concept. With each mistake you make you will find yourself glad, because you know it is only gonna make you stronger.

You will become obsessed, people will see you and instantly know your different. Your inner fire will shine like a beacon, some will find their strength and be inspired by you, others will fear the fire and shun your strength.

Eventually you will be a completely different person to the one that existed before, the old you is dead and buried.

You killed your former self and threw it away with all your regret, mistakes and failings.

Only the strongest version of yourself will exist.


The time is now

Today you will make your start, it doesn’t matter how big or how small just start. Take baby steps if you need, the most important thing is that you begin.

Here’s what most people say

One day I’ll make my start.

Next week for sure, I’m just busy now.

One day I’ll get fit and strong.

One day I’ll eat properly

One day I’ll succeed, just give me time to get ready.

You’ve dreamed and pondered for long enough.

Enough scheming and planning, time to act.


“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”
― Warren Buffett


Just think where you would be right now if you started five years ago?

That’s why you will start today. Not tomorrow, not next week, right fucking now.

I don’t care if you’ve just woken up or you just finished work, from now on excuses don’t fly with you.

You will no longer finish when you get tired, you will finish when your done.

There will never be a perfect time to start building your reality.

The right time was five years ago remember?

So my friend start today, even if your unsure about the entire thing.

Don’t you dare regret anything else in your life.

Do the things that scare you because later you’ll look back and be sorry you didn’t

I started and i and had no idea what i wanted at the time. I just knew i wanted to make something of myself.


Let your fear guide you

Just do things, especially those that scare you. The things that you fear are the most important of all and that’s how you know your going in the right direction.

Quit your job and start your own (when you have enough behind you)

  • Ask out pretty girls and stop fearing rejection.
  • Go travel and explore the world.
  • Do whatever it is you want to do.

Fear is a sign of what you feel is important, so use that to guide you.

I can safely say that the times I’ve fought through my fears has attributed to some of the greatest successes of my life and what allowed me to really grow as a person

The first time i asked a girl out when i was a kid to the times I’ve held my ground and fought for my beliefs.

All these things made me stronger and all are a result of pushing through my fears.


So now you have a decision to make. Will you understand what i have written and become strong?

Will you have the strength to forgive your past mistakes and failures?

Will you face your fears?

It’s all on you now.

Become strong, kill your regrets and conquer your fears.

See where that leads you, you might be surprised.


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