Our greatest fight and a bit about me

I’m 24 years years old, i’m only just starting my life but when i stop and think, it feels like only yesterday that i was a struggling teenager, awkward as could be and still very much unaware of how the world actually worked.

I’ve experienced a lot of stuff between now and then, I’ve lost people and found others, I’ve struggled with depression and came out the other side stronger then ever, I’ve conquered addictions and gained discipline in return.

I’ve broken and remade myself countless times, striving to become a little bit better with each pass.

Through hard work,  sweat and blood.

Through pain and hunger, I made myself strong.

I think differently now compared to my younger self, my ideals have changed i now believe everything is possible, i now have faith in myself and what have set out to accomplish.

I’ve felt the cold grip of despair when i lost touch with my  step sister after a messy family dispute many years ago.

I’ve felt inspiration powerful enough to raise the dead.

I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

I’m grateful for the challenges i was given, the struggles i have faced and the pain i was made to endure, it made me the person i am today.


Everyone has their own unique hardships in life, most are weak and run from their troubles and so they allow themselves to become buried by it.

The Strong face their problems head on even if it scares the shit out of them. They do not falter, they do not retreat they fight.

Take it all in the good and the bad, learn from it all.

When life knocks you on your ass, get back up.

When it says you can’t win, grin and laugh.

Raise you fists and get ready for a fight.

Life won’t give you anything for free.

Take the beatings life hands out and keep on grinning.

You are not be swayed by intimidation you cannot be seduced by the distractions it sends your way.

Just keep on grinning.

That’s how you confront the problems of life.


Life won’t give in…

And neither should you.


Keep on smiling folks.





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