The lost art of Man

Brothers it time to reclaim our strength, today you will remember what it means to be a MAN!!!

For too long have boys grown up with little guidance of what it means to be a man.

Yes we are male and yes we do grow up to become an adult male or a man as most would say.

But here’s the thing, most don’t know what being a man is all about.

Somewhere along the line in the last 50 years or so, the “way” of manliness got lost and only a small amount of men today have found it.

Thankfully i was lucky enough to grow up around many strong men and acquired it the necessary knowledge.


In today’s world, it seems most men have forgotten what it actually means to be a man, instead most are boys walking around in a man’s body, with limited understanding as how to act and behave.

With a severe lack of strong men in today’s society, i feel like it’s necessary to share what i know.309f4341b80dfca03f68bfd1314950ea

The so called “men” we see in western society , are weak and spineless. If you watch tv you will see what i mean, most men playing the fool, the comic relief, the idiot. Or maybe the murderer/ rapist with little respect for anything. what i want to know is, where the fuck are the strong Men we saw decades ago.  Dirty harry, Rambo and Dutch (arnie in Predator) just to name a few.

These days it’s mostly wimpy guys with shit bodies and weak mindsets. I’d rather be broke and still have self respect then be rich, fat and lazy.

but hey if you wanna be like them go ahead i won’t stop ya.

The four Traits of men

There are distinct traits that strong men have that the others do not.

Honour, Strength, Pride and Confidence.

These four are what comes to mind when i think about what it means to be a man.

So Honour? yes Honour.

Honour is a fickle subject in today’s world, many seeing it as a dead ideal better left to the men of old.


If anything honour is needed more today than ever.

Personal honour is a great thing, it keeps your moral compass pointing north and gives you your own personal set of rules.

If you live by a code like myself then it plays an integral part in its operation.


It speaks for itself.

Men are strong in body, mind and spirit.

A strong man knows his worth and has utmost faith in his abilities. He is an rock, defiant to all those who try and push him back and drag him down.

He has a strong body, forged through hardship and discipline.

How can you protect those who matter to you otherwise.


Confidence makes the man. It shows in everything you do down to the smallest thing, from how you go about your day to just talking to people.

Straight away you can tell if someone has it, it’s their presence, how they carry themselves.

A confident man will look you in the eye when he speaks, you will feel his strength through his voice.

He will not be slouched over, head down and afraid to make eye contact.

The list goes on and on.


But pride isn’t that a bad thing? Only if your happy with being average.

Pride can make a man do great things for others, hubris on the other hand will make a man do what he believes is good for himself.

It is a deep pleasure you derive from what you accomplish.

Pride separates you from the herd, you hold yourself to a higher standard and in turn have high expectations of yourself.

If prides as sin then i’m a sinner.

50 things each Man should know


Doesn’t gossip

Women may gossip, your friends may gossip you however do not. A man doesn’t talk about friends and family behind their backs, if you’ve got a problem face it head on. Gossip is nothing but a waste of time.

Keeps it real

Don’t lie and don’t exaggerate what you have done, don’t talk yourself up before you have accomplished what you want.

Takes care of business

Everything gets done as soon as an opportunity arises, don’t put off chores or tasks to a later time, get it done and out of the way. It also means looking after your family, you do what you must for them.

Strong body

as stated earlier a man should have or at least be working on improving his body, i don’t mean look like a bodybuilder or supermodel, i mean be healthy so you can look after yourself as well as those you care for.

Self taught

School didn’t teach us all that many useful things and a lot of people think it ok to just stop learning when you finish, nothing could be further from the truth. It is your duty to yourself to always be improving and in this day and age we have more knowledge now than ever within our reach, nearly anything can be obtained through the internet.


He learns discipline, he does things that benefits himself and others even if he doesn’t want to. Somedays i get up and the last thing i want to do is go to the gym, but i do it anyway because i know that it is important this is the essence of discipline.

Well groomed

you look after yourself and that goes for the way you look. You should look good, that doesn’t mean expensive, a well fitting shirt and a decent pair of jeans will be perfectly fine for most days, thats what i’m usually wearing.

Make sure you are either clean shaven or that your beard is well maintained, brush your teeth, get regular haircuts and your already vastly ahead of the pack. Just don’t look like an idiot and you’ll be fine.

Strong body language

Like i said earlier you must show strength. Stand up straight, look people in the eye and speak clearly and with volume so you can be heard. so many men mumble and speak so softly it’s hard to hear them.

Work ethic, doesn’t stop when tires, stops when finished.

You should be a relentless worker, once your finished what you set out to do then and only then can you rest that goes for work at the gym and daily goals, unless your finished for the day don’t stop.

Remains silent until he is needed

Don’t talk too much, any idiot can chirp all day about every little thing, but the smart men remain silent until they are needed or have something useful to say. You learn from listening and you can’t do that while talking.

Don’t lie

Pretty basic don’t be a liar. At the end of the day all a man has is his word and once trust is broken it is very hard to regain. even then people still won’t see you in the same light. Be a man of honesty and integrity

Thinks he deserves the most out of life –  I believe i deserve the best out of life but i know it must be earnt, nothing great in life is free and nor should it be.

Takes risks

He knows that without risk there can be no reward. If you don’t take risks you will never grow and you will never achieve what you want most.

Can actually talk to a women

This ones kinda funny to me, when i was younger i had shocking confidence and social skills, but over time i got better. I never struggled talking to women though.

Women don’t bite… well not too much anyway.

If you can’t talk to a pretty girl then brother you are missing out.

Just walk up, say hi and ask how her day is going.

Doesn’t waste time

He knows his time is valuable and so won’t do anything that isn’t beneficial to himself or others. So stop watching tv, reading the news, doing things that don’t matter.

Always building

My grandfather never stopped, he was always busy doing something. i would find him outside tending to his garden or Tinkering away in his workshop building something, the old bugger never stopped and neither should you.

You should always be working on something for me its this blog, or streaming on twitch or just reading and coming up with new things to write about. Always be doing something to further your goal.

A man needs to build things. start a business, start a blog, build something physical, build your body i don’t care do something with your time.

When i was young i built myself a shogi set ( japanese chess) it was misshapen and awkward looking but i felt great pride upon its completion and there really isn’t any feeling like it, seeing something that was once just an idea take shape and become real.

Helps those who deserve it

This means help people who are trying to live a better life, o wont give money to bums on the street because there is a high likelihood they will just go and piss whatever money i give them away, i will on the other hand help someone who is just having a bit of bad luck and needs a little boost to get back on there feet.

I won’t help someone get fit who would rather watch tv then go to the gym for 45 minutes, but i’ll be more then willing to spend time and energy on somebody who wants to change and become better.


 Looks after his Women and family

As a man it is your job to look after your girl as well as your family, she shouldn’t have to work her ass off at a job as well as come home to cook and clean.

Thats where feminism has completely screwed over modern women.

All the women i’ve asked and this has been quite a few. i asked if they would prefer to work 40 hours a week or stay at home and look after the household?

Every single women i asked said they would much prefer that then work, but because of the world today they are forced to do both.

GG Feminism


His word is his bond

Your word is very important, when you say you will do something you you’d bloody well better do it.  I can’t tolerate anybody who breaks their word to me, if your not reliable and honest then your not worth my time.

Quick to make a decision and slow to change it.

You should be able to make your mind up quickly and then stick to your plan, the world today is chock full of people paralyzed by choice so they end up just wasting time and doing nothing.

Most of the time when i give another guy a decision to make i’m met with ums and ahh and they end up saying ” oh i don’t know what do you want to do”

just make a decision, i don’t care if its a bad one. A bad decision is better than none at all.


Understands it takes time to do anything

You need to know that anything worth doing takes time, nothing will happen in a day, week, month or even a year sometimes. Unless your Gladstone Gander, there is no such thing a quick success.

You will have to work at it, day in day out, until you succeed.

Its rare for people to go through the long haul, they would rather have a minor victory over a grand success.

I see it in the gym and i see it in daily life, people quit and they wonder why they didn’t get anywhere.


Strong handshake

A solid handshake says a lot about a man and its one of the easiest ways to tell if he has confidence or not and how strong he is.

Sadly most are a dead fish then a vice grip.

Doesn’t supplicate to women

Please please please, don’t do pander to women. Make them work for your time, don’t give it away freely. Don’t do everything for them they are human just like you. So many guys will go out of their way to please a women, all this will show her is that your a doormat and have little value for yourself.

Don’t be that guy


Limit masturbation and stop watching porn 

Just no, i mean it.

Do yourself a favour and cut right back on masturbation, all it does is drain you of motivation and energy.

Men today have probably seen more naked bodies then all of their lineage put together. Never before has there been such a wide variety of naked women and so easily obtainable.

Guys today as young as 18 are getting E.D from porn addiction as well as many other problems.

It turns boys into little bitches who would rather spend their time in front of a screed badgering the witness then talking to a real life, flesh and blood girl.

I can tell straight away when a guy is addicted to porn, he’s a wuss, he can’t look me in the eye its sad and completely their own fault.

So stop choking the chicken,  stop doing the five finger shuffle ( i could go on all night) and go outside and talk to a babe.

If you want to stop this just think, your effectively cuckolding yourself, remember that next time you wanna spank the monkey. ( last one i promise)


Reads a lot

You should be constantly reading, learning from those that came before you. History is very important to a man’s development.


Isn’t influenced by the opinions of others

Stop caring what other people think of you, they’re not you, they don’t get why your doing what your doing they haven’t got your sight.

Only you know whats good for you, everyone else be buggered.

If they’re not supportive of you, become deaf to them.


Has no addictions besides seeking greatness

Greatness should be your only addiction, kicking ass and taking names. You should always be thinking about your goals, even if your at work or at school, your mind will always be on seeking greatness.

killer mindset

A man with a powerful mindset can accomplish anything.

Stays positive 

Even when the chips are down you know that everything will turn out alright, you look for the best even in the worst scenarios.

Keeping positive like this will greatly reduce the stress you feel and open up many opportunites that you may have not seen otherwise.


He knows that he will succeed even if there is little to no indication of it happening.

A man with faith cannot be stopped.

supportive of others 

He supports whose who are important to him and rallies them on in whatever field they may pursue, even if he doesn’t fully agree, he believes in that person’s ability.

Support should go both ways, if they support you without question then you should do the same.


Remains calm

When shit happens you remain calm and collected, you will be of little help if you become distraught.


Knows how to fight

Every man should know at least the bare basics of fighting, little things like knowing how to throw a punch and how to take a hit could save your life.

You don’t have to be a UFC fighter, just learn how to defend yourself.



Stands up for his beliefs

“You should stand up for what you believe even if that means standing alone” – unknown

If you don’t stand up for yourself no one else will either and that’s no way for a man to live


Won’t compromise on his goals

There is no plan B, you will either succeed or die trying. There is no alternative.


Knows how to cook

Cooking isn’t just for the ladies, a man should know how to cook nutritious meals and look after his body, i’ve never met a fit person who didn’t know how to cook.


Is self reliant

You are more than capable of looking after yourself, you don’t need the help of anybody to reach your goals, co-operation is amazing but in the end the result will be the same.


Tries to work with other people like himself

You should endeavour to find people like yourself. Working with others is a sure fire way to make progress as well as combining knowledge and resources, there really isn’t many drawbacks to working with others as long as everything is kept professional and everyone works to help one another.


Carpe diem seize the day

Make the most of each day, you never know when it may be your last. Take risks, have fun and work hard.


Treats a women like a women.

Today’s world see’s this as something degrading towards women, as if treating her this way somehow makes her a lesser being.

Men and Women are fundamentally different, as so are the ways i treat each sex.

The things i say and the way i act towards a guy will be very different to the way i talk and act towards a women.

For example I don’t expect a women to ask me out or be the pursuer nor do i want her to pay for my meals etc.

Everyone has their role to play.



Works smart not hard.

Why work hard if you don’t have to? why would i want to bust my ass doing something if there is a better way to do it.


Understands that men and women are fundamentally different.

He understands that a girl is a girl and a guy is a guy.

Even in gay relationships, there is usually the “man” and the “women” in the relationship

In body and mind, men and women are very different.

Men are generally bigger and have greater potential for strength, where women are usually smaller and are able to give birth.

I could go on and on, but i’m sure regardless of what i say, someone will disagree.


Is a lover of women.

I love women, women are amazing.

Women are pretty, interesting and hopefully clever enough to keep up with me.

I’ll never understand how a guy can hate women.


Doesn’t become upset by mere words

As a man words shouldn’t do you any damage, they’re just noises people make.

Unless you believe what they say you cannot be harmed.

Controls his emotions

You should not be easy to upset or quick to anger.

You should always try to remain calm.

nothing says little boy like a guy who loses his shit too easily.


This isn’t to say you cant get angry or upset, you just have to have a reason.

if i go to a funeral or my pet dies you can bet i’m gonna be upset.

If someone hurts someone close to me, i’m sure as hell gonna get angry.



Won’t put up with bullshit

Men don’t put up with drama and bullshit, whether it be a friend, your girlfriend or even your boss, don’t take shit from anybody.

Unless its just messing around between friends, don’t you dare be a doormat.

People will respect you more and in turn you will feel good about yourself.


Isn’t afraid of confrontation

A man shouldn’t be afraid of an argument or a fight, grow a spine if this scares you.


Isn’t afraid to show reasonable anger

in the right circumstances anger can be a valuable tool, but should only be used small bursts and in a contained way.

Boiling anger can be a dangerous thing, there is a reason they call some murders hot blooded, when your angry you stop thinking clearly and all reason and logic go straight out the window.

Don’t be afraid to show anger but make sure its healthy anger and not destructive.

Use your anger for fuel the gym and for your goals in life.

Forgives but doesn’t forget

Doesn’t hold grudges, but doesn’t forget about the people who did these things.

These people may be forgiven but they should also be cut out of your life, if they did it once they will probably do it again.


Knows how to haggle

There is something great about being able to buy something for less then its advertised.

In some cultures it is considered disrespectful to not at least try to haggle and get a better deal.

Imagine what would’ve happened if your ancestors didn’t haggle. Those who didn’t haggle back in the dark ages for cows and sheep, probably didn’t get far in life.


So there you have it, an extensive list of all the things i think the men of today should have but most are lacking to some degree.

I briefly touched upon a few things that i will go into much greater detail in later posts.

It will be some great stuff.


Until next time folks





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