Gladiator or Spectator, How to take advantage of consumerism

Are you a Gladiator? or merely another Spectator.

Consumerism, you can make it work for or against you.

What’s most important in life?

Money is incredible important in life, it allows you to do nearly anything.

Money can save your life and make it better. Forget about money for a moment and ask yourself, what would I do if I didn’t need money?

Most people I talk to about this have no idea what they would do or what they even want in life.

“Don’t worry about money, do something cool and give a fuck about people”. -Rob Bailey and the hustle standard.

It’s easy to get wound up and get stuck thinking about money especially early on when your just starting out or even before you’ve even started out.

Money needs to be pushed back down your list of priorities because if you are doing something for the main reason of making money and to get rich quick, your never going to get anywhere.

Money is great but you have to understand that you may not see any money come in for months even years, depending on what you choose to do.

Make good Great

To make money you need find something that you enjoy and have a knack for.

Sure with enough practice you can become good at anything, but it’s 10x better to choose what you are already good at and go from there.

It’s better to work on your strengths and become great at something then it is to go from bad to average at best.

I’ve always enjoyed video games, working out and writing and so the path I walk is about those things. I’ve tried to learn instruments over the years but I always end up getting bored and I never had any natural talent for it.

I could have forced myself and got good or even great, but if your path doesn’t interest you, you’ll never get far.

Reinforce natural talent with obsession and you have a sure-fire way to get ahead in life. Most people who make it in life are there because they do what they love.

That’s why most people hate their day jobs, even if they are solid coin.


Make it your way

I firmly believe that you can make money from just about anything if your interested in it someone else is too.

He can why can't you?


The key with that is finding a way to make it profitable. For me I’m interested in fitness and video games so in order into make use of my interests I started a blog to start writing and streaming video games.

That’s just one way to do it, there are many ways to make your interests pay. Become accomplished in something and then show and teach others. YouTube springs to mind, just think how many people have been able to make a living off of just making videos about their interests.

Pewdiepie is a huge example of how you can turn anything into gold.

The dude makes videos of games he plays while acting silly and exaggerating awhole lot, it may seem silly but hey his viewership of over 52,000,000 subscribers speaks for itself.

If he could make money by just making youtube vids what stopping the rest of the world?

He was clever enough to get on to it early and after many years and a shit tonne of videos, he managed to carve out a very wealthy spot for himself on the youtubes.


Consumerism = Easy Mode

So whats the deal? why do so many watch and consume while only a fraction make things?


You’ve got to remember that the vast majority of people are consumers. Consumers don’t make things they just consume things.

Consumers are the reason YouTube, and Netflix are so successful, it gives the average Joe unlimited amount of ways to waste time.

its far easier to juts wait and watch while others make things for you.

Simple comforts and human laziness are the real problem.

Into the Arena!

The Coliseum in Greece is an excellent example of consumerism and mass spectatorship.

People from far and wide would travel all the way to Rome watch the games in the arena, the gladiators were the ones that everyone watched.

People love to watch and the gladiators are there to entertain. Since then Spectatorship has grown exponentially. Only 1 in every few thousand ever actually does anything of merit while the rest of the population sits back and watches from the comfort of their homes.

The comfort is what stops most from becoming a gladiator. There is little comfort to be found in the arena.

 The gladiator cannot sit ideally by and watch while others fight.

The gladiator knows no other way then that of battle and it is in battle that the gladiator is able to be himself.

The roar of the crowd, a chance to test your metal and a shot at greatness.

Each person who did anything of importance was a gladiator.

So now you have a choice.

You can sit still and watch on while others fight or you can get up off your ass and make something happen.

Will you take a risk and fight? To see what your made of?

If so I’ll see you in the arena.

Strength and honour



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