How to Defeat Lemming syndrome

Do you remember the old video game Lemmings? Yeah those little guys. Little green haired dudes who would walk off a cliff if you so let them, not the furry critters Walt Disney chased off  a cliff.

The lemmings are a simple enough people, you tell them what to do and they do it and  without question or hesitation. The perfect worker drone. Sound familiar doesn’t it?

Here’s the sad bit, it isn’t even anyones fault for the msot part but rather a mass indoctrination that started before you could crawl.


I’ve noticed a funny similarity as I’ve got older and wiser.

Unless you where brought up to think for yourself and question the norm it’s highly likely you were or are still are suffering from what I’ve lovingly dubbed “lemming syndrome”.


How to know if your a Lemming

Now here’s the thing Lemmings are peaceful and would never intentionally hurt anyone, they just exsist that’s it.

Most lemmings have little to no desire to better themselves in any shape or form.

Lemmings are just average Joe’s and Jane’s working a job they probably hate, eating average food and not doing much else.

The fact that your reading RTEG shows that you sir/madam value self improvement and are certainly not a Lemming, however you aren’t happy with living a life of mediocrity either so you find yourself here.

Welcome fellow wanderer.

Anyway back to the Lemmings.

Lemmings are average at every level. Average fitness, average diet, average at being average.

Lemmings might go to the gym every once and a while but lack any kind of consistency that is needed to make progress.

Lemmings don’t question what they hear  and see via the news nor do they question what they were taught in school.

Throughout my life I have always questioned what doesn’t make sense and goes against rationality, usually ending up in an argument with the big bad boss lemmings.

Free thinkers are few and far between in today’s world. Too few questions in an over abundance of lies.

In general Lemmings are just the unfulfilled potential of mankind.


”The greatest hypnotist on planet earth is an oblong box in the corner of the room, it is constantly telling us what to believe is real” – David Icke

Mr Icke sums up most the world to a T.

So do yourself a stop being average and ask a question or two. Don’t believe everything you hear.


How to kill Lemming syndrome

Why be a Lemming when you could be anything else.

Be a Samurai, be a Spartan, hell even be a plumber just don’t be a Lemming.

So to stop being a lemming there is a great many things you can do.

Enhance your mind and body

Becoming fit and strong will put you far ahead of most people, heck just stepping into a gym levels you up. You can’t be strong and still be average.

Not to mention it will make you feel better as well as look great.

Stop eating crappy food.

There is so many amazing foods out there in the big ol’ world. Learn to cook and go tell the Colonel and the Clown to go fuck themselves.

Good food is its own reward.

Clean nutritious food will awaken your mind and rid yourselves of mindfog as well as energise you for the battle ahead.

As with the Body the mind needs to reinforced and trained also or it wilt and die before its time.

Read everyday, learn everyday. With this new fangled thing called the interwebs its actually easy to learn something new and useful unlike school.

Cut back on TV dramatically and read books instead. I’ve said many times that televison is a a complete and utter waste of time, full of stupid shit to entertain dumb fucking people.

Sorry i went a bit over board there, anyway stop watching tv, save those brain cells and get to work.

Fighting Homeostasis

In a nutshell homeostasis is the brains “easy mode” setting and its default way of thinking.

Homeostasis was once a core survival mechanic in human evolution and it meant that Og would seek comfort whenever possible and this meant a nice dry cave and eating whatever he could whenever he could.

From what I’ve read and experienced you have up until your 30 or so to be the person you want to be after that the brain has a much harder time learning new things and adapting to new ideas and ways of thinking. Just like gran pa who cant work the tv remote and still cooks with an open flame.

The brain is a cunning bastard and will do anything to keep you comfortable or as i call it lazy.


To read up more on this visit Ludvig Sunström at and read this if you want to know more about homeostasis.


Have a healthy scepticism about the things you hear and see.

Question everything and come to your own conclusions. Is what you see and hear on the 7 O’clock news really the truth? can you really trust what people say or are the news neteworks just parroting something they heard?

What about your upbringing, have you ever thought about what you where told growing up? This is why parents hate the teenage phase that comes with raising a kid.

When your a teenager you are hardwired to push boundaries and test out what you were told growing up. If everyone did what they were told and listened to there folks i bet the world wouldn’t be the way it is today.

Learn to think for yourself and just as importantly get experience in the world. I read things, i question them and then if they seem plausible ill test them. Somethings pan out and some don’t.

Don’t take what you hear for gospel even what i write now. Test and question everything. If you agree good if not. Good. Don’t just nod and say yes.

If your like me and get bored with people gossiping you tend to play little games with people, my favourite is Devils Advocate. If you’ve never heard of that before i’ll briefly explain.
All you do is pick a topic of discussion and then argue against the popular opinion, the more controversial the better.

The reason you do this is to test peoples way of thinking and find out why they think a certain way. Most of the time people don’t really know why they support this side or that. Usually people just side with the majority without a second thought.

Lemming syndrome in action.


Do what you were destined to do

Everyone at one time or another had grand dreams for the future. They wanted to be a astronaut, a race car driver or a Brontosaurus.

Ah yes grand dreams of success, accomplishment and fulfilment. But where did they go? and why?

Most likely some know it all said your dreams were bullshit and after you heard it enough you started to believe them, especially when your young and unfamiliar with the world.


All is not lost however. They are still within you. Buried deep deep down under all the shit the world has piled on top of you.

Do what you want to do, do what makes you happy. You only get one life why waste it doing shit you hate, say fuck it and enjoy yourself.

I remember back to when i was a kid and the class had to write down and say what they wanted to be when they grew up, i’m sure many people have a similar experience.

Of all the people i grew up with and went through school with i can guarantee you that as little as 10% of them even tried to follow their dreams.

Most people i grew up with are now working day jobs, some have kids of their own already even getting married and settling down. Long gone are the dreams and ideas they once cherished as a child. Just think what they could of done had they said fuck it and tried something different.

Settling down when your young? No thanks i’ll keep my freedom for a good while longer.

For some that’s all they strive for and that’s fine if they can truly say with all honesty thats all they wanted out of life then well… fair enough.

I’m not like that, sometimes i think it would be easier if i didn’t have ambition and goals then i get a reminder everytime i walk out the front door at what mediocrity has in store.

There’s plenty off time down the track for homemaking, that time isn’t now.

Create your own unique vision for your life and don’t stop until you make it a reality.

It doesn’t matter that your vision is differs to mine, that’s the point entirely, it must be different to be yours.

Your vision could be literally anything, from being a self made guy or gal to just being able to spend your time how you choose without being limited by others.

Whatever it is make it yours.


Enjoy your life, that’s all i want for people.

Until next time






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