Breaking the Stereotype: Geeks and nerds, time to get strong

In our culture we have a stereotype for just about everything.

What do you associate with the gym? Most will think of musclebound men with lacking intelligence.

All blonds are dumb, all goths wear black and all rich people are snobs, you could fill a book with all the stereotypes.

My point is everything has a stereotype and it’s up to you as a person to break the stereotypes and show that you are much more then that.

Take me for example, I have a wide variety of interests. I love lifting weights, martial arts and mma and on the flip side i love videogames, reading and streaming and whatever else is considered nerdy.

Embrace your nature

As a teen i hid my interest in all things geeky for the longest time.

When someone would ask me what i was interested in i would deflect the question and try and talk more about them, i could of done worse but looking back i think it made it hard for others to get to know me and in turn limited me in making friends.

What i want to stress is don’t give up on what you love, rather than hide what i liked i should’ve embraced it like i do today.

If you love comics and videogames thats awesome keep going with that.

I want to break the stereotypes so that people with similar interests can gain more out of life and not less.

I wish more nerds lifted weights and did MMA, it would sure be nice to meet someone similar to myself.

Stay true to yourself

The geek explained

First up let’s examine what the geek stereotypes is all about.

I see it as a person who is shy and lacks confidence even if they are good at what they do. This person isn’t physically fit and is either rail thin or fluffy. They usually aren’t well kempt and don’t really try to look their best. Although this goes mostly for guys, most women will try and look their best.

How do i know this? well thats because that was me when i was younger and before i found the gym. I never cared about my appearance or what i ate, i looked like shit so i felt like shit.

Let me say this though if you are truly happy with yourself don’t change.

A lot of people are in denial and make up excuses when it comes to the way they look, Ive heard em all.

It’s my genetics, i havn’t got time, healthy food tastes awful, i don’t know how, etc etc you get the idea.


If you can look at yourself in the mirror and can honestly say that your happy with the way you look and feel, then by all means stay the way you are, But if you know that something needs to change, whether it be the need to lose weight, dressing better or anything else for that matter, it is up to you to make that happen.

Let me say that again, it’s all on you.

No one will do it for you, nor should they.

Breaking the stereotype

So how do you break the geek stereotype and become a better version of yourself? It’s simple really.

So simple in fact that you already have most of the answers, most people are just in a state of denial that they tell themselves they don’t know what to do, but really they are just lazy and don’t want to.

You want to lose weight? Easy clean up your diet and exercise.

Wanna go from skinny to tank? Eat a bit more then usual and eat plenty of good food.

Aim for protein and fat with low carbs or protein and carbs with low fat.

Never all three in large quantities that’s how you get fat.

All fast food and just about anything in a box contains high levels of carbs and fat thats why it’s so easy to gain weight if you eat too much shit food.

Lessons of the Iron

Lift weights regardless of how you think you may look to others.

Here’s the thing no one cares if it’s your first time in the gym, everyone else is too busy doing their workouts to be concerned about a new person at the gyma7d80c7afa819562d34397c3cfe9d052. You may catch a glance here or there but thats it.

If anything people will be happy for you making the effort to make yourself better.

What about confidence? that can’t be as easy to build up in comparison to your physique can it?

In fact yes it can and it goes hand in hand with fitness. just about everyone ive talked to about fitness has said that after they started at the gym and ate better they began to feel better about themselves and in turn become more confident.

In fact i believe fitness has the biggest influence on your confidence.

When you catch a pretty girl staring at you, i’ll be damned if that doesn’t make any man feel good.

Confidence is also built by experience and getting into different situations, everyone at one time was once unconfident and awkward, but over time and with enough repetition they eventually got used to it and became confident.

Simply put the more you do something and push outside of your comfort zone the more confident you will become in the long run.

This stays true with everything in life, the more reps you put in the better you get and with proficiency come confidence.

Oh and looking your best goes a long way too.


Look good, feel good its that simple

If you’ve ever had to wear dirty, old or worn out clothing you’ll understand why i say you must look good and dress well.

When your wearing shit clothing you don’t want to go anywhere or see people. Contrary to popular belief appearances matter and they matter a lot.

People will judge you as soon as they see you regardless of how great your personality is or how smart you are, if you look like a dirty bum not many people will give you the time of day.

It doesn’t cost much to look good, all it takes is a well fitting shirt, a decent pair of jeans and a nice pair of shoes that’s it. Shouldn’t cost more than $50 for the cloths and probably a bit more for the shoes, look online you can always find a good deal somewhere.

Same goes for hairstyle and cleanliness in general. Shower regularly, keep yourself clean shaven or grow a beard if your able. For all that is good don’t have facial hair unless you can do something with it.

If you can grow a full thick beard great if not try for a moustache, goatee or some variant, there are many different styles of facial hair. Just don’t grow a beard if it’s patchy or thin, it will just look crappy.

Some guys just can’t grow a beard unfortunately, it’s all got to do with your genetics either you’ve got the beard gene or you don’t, there is no use fighting it.

It doesn’t take much effort to look your best each day, even a homeless bum can make an effort to look good.


Everything i’ve said here is so basic, yet so many people think there is some kind of magic to it.

So do me and more importantly yourself a favour, break the image people have set for you and become strong.

I’ve done it, why not you?

It only takes a bit of effort.

It’s never too late to change into the best version of yourself. It just takes discipline and the will to change.



Until next time.


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