Hey there

I’ve always wanted more out of life, and so i intend to get my piece.

So after being sick of the shit that daily life brings, i set out to cut my own path and so BebopSamurai was created.

I decided i would start a blog, start streaming on twitch.tv and maybe i’ll make some videos down the track.

I’ve not long started and I’ve got a long way to go. I won’t stop until i succeed.

The Gamer and The Warrior

I made the Identity because of my two main hobbies. Video games and fitness.

Quite the juxtaposition yeah?

From the time I was but a wee Bebop and not quite a samurai, I had a keen interest in video games. I loved everything about em, you could do things inside a game that you can only imagine in real life.

It’s like reading a book except you’re inside the book, acting out the story and seeing it from a first hand account.

From the first time I played super Mario on my families super Nintendo I was hooked.

When I make my way into yet another strange new world or explore a ruined old castle riddled with enemies I still get that same sense of thrill and amazement I had when I was five and learning the basics of being a polemic trainer.

Games have had a big impact on my life and I hope through streaming, making videos and writing I can share my passion with others.

As I grew up, got taller and a bit wiser I discovered my second passion. That is fitness or weightlifting to be exact.

This was something very foreign to me, my entire life up to this point had been nerding out watching anime and playing video games.

But I had always had inspiration growing up and seeing movies and pictures of people Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger showing what the body is capable of when it is trained properly and when you are dedicated to ahrd work.

The first time I stepped foot in the gym I felt overwhelmed, the weights, the people everything. But at the same time I knew two things for sure. That for one it would be an incredible challenge and two, that It felt right straight away.

Thus my love of the gym and fitness was born.


This site is very much like myself.

On the gaming side, its laid back and all about having fun and talking about games.

The Motivation side is where i become serious and where the fun and games disappear.

There i will speak about the real world and how to get the most out of it.

I will be straight to the point without any bullshit.

This side is for those who like me are fed up with the bullshit of daily life and want something different.

Those that have felt that they are separate from the pack and want to make a change.

I want everyone to become Great.

I can help you but i won’t do it for you.

Time to Reach the Endgame.

Care to Join me?