7 old time warrior values

In this day and age i feel that old time values have been slowly disappearing.

The way a man should act is constantly being rewritten and diluted as time goes by.

what was once considered the norm is now so far off track that most guys have no idea how to behave or act let alone understand the cornerstone values of what makes a man and not a boy.


I intend to correct this mistake.



Honour is personal set of rules and guidelines that you choose to live by, A code if you will.

Codes of honour have existed for centuries and is still followed today.

Honour is seen as a dead concept by most people in today’s world, better left to those of knights tales and the world’s of fantasy.

I think honour is sorely needed in today’s society, but like the times of old, honour seems to only be held in regard to those who have strength and power, most people are weak and have no honour.

Even though you may possess strength and honour don’t be foolish enough to think the rest of society does. Most will stomp each other into the ground to get ahead in life, you’d do well to remember that.

Act with honour, just don’t expect others to do so.



A man isn’t worth a damn if he isn’t honest. Yes you can get ahead with subterfuge and guile but if you ever get caught you can kiss your reputation good by.

Even criminals understand that if your not trustworthy your probably gonna end up dead sooner then later. In the end all a man has is his name.

Will you besmirch your name and run it through the mud? What’s the word of a liar worth?


man must strive to be bold and courageous.
Rarely do the meek ever accomplish anything of value, those too easily swayed by fear.

The fear of the unknown, the fear of success and a great many others.

All people who have done anything worthwhile in life have done so with courage in their hearts regardless of the fear they felt, they acted anyway. TaxjzBKK_700b_v1hat is what courage is.

Find what scares the shit out of you then go do it. The things we fear are often the most important.



Strength is something every man must strive for. Whether that be physical, mental or financial.

You cannot live a happy life and look after those you care about without strength behind you.

Make a strong body, make your will unbreakable and conquer and make money.


Discipline means doing what is important even if you don’t want to.

Disciple separates the men from the boys. It’s easy to stay under the covers and avoid all the responsibilities that come with being a man.

No one likes getting up at 6 am in the middle of winter just to go to the gym, but we do it anyway because you know it’s important.


Christ… nobody would get anything done without discipline… oh wait.


Better known as justice or right and wrong.

A man knows what is right and what is wrong, there is no grey area.

As long as your not hurting anyone or screwing someone over without their knowledge that’s about the extent of rectitude.

Everything else goes.

Don’t be afraid to break the so called “rules” society tries to embed in us. You do what ya gotta do.

Break the rules not the law.



Be loyal to those who deserve it and disregard the rest. Most people have loyalty to no one and that’s why you should take the utmost care when choosing your friends and relationships.

Even your best friend may one day become an enemy, take care always.

Always maintain loyalty with family, they are your blood and nothing else comes close.



Pride makes a man do many great things for others, hubris will make a man only do things for himself.

People with great pride will always give back when they have succeeded in life.

Pride is powerful and should not be considered a sin.

Pride will make a man strong, makes himself push harder for his goals and also makes him keep to his own high standards.

If Pride is a sin well hell… I’m a sinner then.



A strong man is given respect and reflects it back to those who deserve it.

Respect is earnt and not freely given away.

Respect yourself and others will respect you.

No one respects a dirty but dressed in shambles nor does anyone respect the weak or poor.

A harsh but true reality.


There you go boys, some food for thought.

How do you compare to the men of old.

Do you have pride, disciple and strength?

Are you worthy of respect and loyalty?

Do you have honour?

Time to make a change.


Until next time,


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